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For over 15 years, we’ve been helping companies be more of what they aspire to be with SAP—innovative, sustainable, productive, and profitable.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Consulting

Linx-AS is the leading SAP PLM consulting firm. Learn how we can help you get to market faster, increase product portfolio visibility, and reduce compliance risk.

Environment, Health & Safety Consulting

From product stewardship to workplace safety, we can help you establish a sound sustainability strategy and accelerate your SAP EHSM implementation.

Enterprise User Experience (UEx) Consulting

Work simpler—Linx-AS UEx solutions increase user productivity, mobility, and satisfaction with SAP Fiori, SAP Personas, Liquid UI, and other enabling technologies.

ROI Now™ SAP Solution Bundles

Over 15 years of SAP Experience packaged into rapidly deployable business solutions at a fixed cost and delivery timeframe.


Enterprise Solution Packs (ESP)™

Preconfigured system components, standardized user roles and processes, and an enhanced user experience tailored to a specific business scope.


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Compliance management is complex.

Few process manufacturing companies possess the internal resources to understand, audit and refine every element of their end-to-end manufacturing processes. Compliance questions alone often require specialization beyond the capabilities of many businesses. The range and complexity of requirements for compliant products can be prohibitive.


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Faster time to value (box not included)

ROI Now SAP Solution BundlesLinx-AS introduces ROI Now™ SAP Solution Bundles—enhanced implementation packages that combine years of business process knowledge and technical expertise into targeted, rapidly deployable solutions. ROI Now™ is designed for faster time to value, and each bundle includes best-practice processes, SAP solution enhancements, project delivery accelerators, and dedicated PLM support desk.

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